Sidewinder Co. is a lifestyle brand for the casual outdoors person, bought to you by designers, entrepreneurs and all-around earth lovers Kira Crugnale + Mike Domzalski. 


Our code is simple: Live by the Land.

As our resources dissipate, it is incumbent upon each of us to do our share.

For Sidewinder, this means sourcing ethical and eco-friendly materials, limiting our plastic consumption and producing goods within
our reach. 


As people and as a business, we are committed to keeping the environment at the centre of everything we do.

This means creating quality products with a focus on the outdoors; sourcing materials that come from and can return to our natural environment; producing products as locally as possible; working with suppliers who share our view and, whenever possible, making and packaging goods by hand.

Living off of the land only works when we exist in harmony with it; when we respect it's growth, listen to it's needs and abide by its laws. Living sustainably, to us, does not simply mean taking what the land has to offer.

We do not wish to live off of the land. Instead, we choose to live by it.